Solar PV

Learn about the technology, the benefits and your options.

Solar Photovoltaic’s, or Solar PV for short, is a type of renewable energy technology that is capable of converting light into electrical current. This electricity can then be used in your home.

Installing Solar PV generates green electricity and provides a great return on investment.

Scarcity of resources, environmental degradation and damage to the environment are the most obvious disadvantages of oil, gas and coal, as well as society becoming increasingly dependant on large corporations for energy production. Here are a few basic reasons why you should consider installing a Solar PV system:

  • The sun will continue to shine for another 4 billion years and supply free solar energy in the process.
  • The amount of solar energy which reaches the earth exceeds daily requirements 10-15,000 times over.
  • The sun does not produce CO² thus preserving the environment on two levels.
  • A solar PV system gives you a route to become self-sufficient and protected from un-predictable pricing.
  • Solar electricity is the only energy which is capable of being produced on a local basis, worldwide.
  • There are no transportation costs involved.
  • The sun does not depend on large corporations and undemocratic regimes.
  • Solar power is harmless.

Where there’s Light there’s Power

It is a common myth that PV only works in sunny climates - this is not the case. PV converts light into power and relatively low levels of light are effective at producing power.