PV Installation

The installation of a Solar PV system is usually quick and trouble free, with minimal disruption to your home. For an in depth guide of how it happens see our PV Installation Guide.

How does the electricity spread through the home?

Solar panels produce a type of electricity known as DC or ‘direct current’. However we can’t use this type of electricity directly in our homes and instead use AC or ‘alternating current’. To convert the electricity into the required form an additional device called an inverter is used. The inverter constantly monitors the electricity imported from the national grid, and then modifies the DC produced by the solar panels to match the usable electricity perfectly. A single AC wire will run directly to your consumer unit (fuse box) onto a single MCB (miniature circuit breaker). The location of the inverter and wire runs will be determined during a free site survey of your property.

How can I use my Solar PV electricity?

Once converted into AC electricity by the inverter, the electricity generated by the Solar PV system is automatically used to power the lights and electrical appliances in your home. Any excess is automatically sold straight back to your supplier via the national grid; you don’t need to do anything.

How do I get the system installed?

If you are interested in installing Solar PV, you can contact one of our advisers who will be glad to speak with you and help you find the right system for you and your home.
There are a number of ways to contact us; call us on 01564 770112, email us at info@orbsenergy.co.uk or use our contact form on the right of the page.
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