Home Automation

ORBS Energy brings you the lighting control and home automation systems to suit your needs.

Intelligent wireless Mesh technology can be used for retro installation or bespoke design; we have an extensive range of products to suit any home, leisure or work environment.

Dianemo BrainThe Dianemo System, integrated with MK Astral advanced lighting and blind controls, offers a cost effective, future proof, flexible home control system that can be integrated into any internal or external space, along with a host of other products and services.
Technology allows the property owner to have control over the space that people live and work. Surroundings can be made more comfortable with MK Astra™ advanced lighting controls which react to the environment and how you wish to use the space.

Astra SwitchAffordable security systems bring high quality CCTV solutions into the home or office; integrated music storage, home theatres, wireless networks linked to laptops, smart-phone's and tablets are all now an everyday feature of people's lives. The challenge is to make sure that the system in place to control these devices is easy to install, set up and use.


 MK Controllers

Future proof your home automation

The Dianemo system works with a wide range of communication protocols, IP, Z-wave, RS232,

RS485, infra-red (IR*) and Wi-Fi. ‘Media Managers‘control all aspects of the Dianemo system and these can be easily added into any new device allowing easy control of all new equipment. The system architecture is designed to easily accommodate new technologies as they come along.

Dianemo has been designed from the root up with you in mind bringing together all of your digital services, digital content and media in one extremely powerful but easy to use system. Dianemo systems range from a simple and stylish system that sits under your TV, to one that sits out of site and is extendable to every room of your home. Its flexibility means that it can accommodate you and your family's ever changing needs. Dianemo has dynamic features which monitors and protects your broad band service as well has undergoing a routine internal diagnostic, reporting back to a central server the instant a potential problem is detected. As it has been designed to be upgraded and enhanced on-line you can be sure of having the latest services and features.

The key features of Dianemo are:

  • Multi-channel TV record/view/listen on Free to air stations
  • DVD and audio library storage (I-Tunes compatible)
  • Integrate with existing music systems such as SONOS
  • Integration and control of multiple Sky/Virgin boxs
  • Lighting control
  • Energy management
  • Integration with KNX and other home control systems
  • Security CCTV camera and alarm integration and control
  • Security Alarm integration and Access control
  • Integrated VoIP telephony system
  • Remote access.

Dianemo can be tailored to fit your immediate needs and budget, it can be expanded in small steps as your needs change. For example, you could choose Audio & TV in a lounge and main bedroom to start with and add more rooms, security, lighting, or climate control at a later date. You are always in control of what Dianemo can do for you and your family to complement your lifestyle.

Dianemo System

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