Electronic Heating

ORBS Energy is an authorized designer and installer of energy efficient heating systems and professional heating solutions from ROINTE.

Low consumption water heaters, towel rails and radiators offer exceptional energy savings with payback terms as little as 14 months.

It works by convection - the heat is circulated around the room at an even temperature from floor to ceiling. Due to the unique design of the fins within each element of the heater, convection currents are produced in a natural way without eliminating the moisture or the oxygen from the air.

High quality components within every part of the radiator has been designed, manufactured and sourced to give you the best in efficiency, heat distribution, controllability and style.

  • Constructed of high density aluminium to obtain the maximum caloric performance
  • The panels are filled with low viscosity thermal oil - its boiling point is 330°C
  • Digital thermal control allow for optimal performance
  • Heating elements are protected in stainless steel allowing for constant heat dissipation & long life

Rointe radiators only cost a few pence per hour to run thanks to Rointe's patented, exclusive technology, Optimizer Energy Plus. Radiators are maintenance free and come with a 10 year warranty.




optimizer chipThe Optimizer Energy Plus is digital software developed by Rointe's research and development department after many years of research this has allowed them to develop a micro processor that manages the energy in the most efficient manner, retaining control of the ambient and fluid temperature resulting in the Optimizer Energy Plus being a control system totally unique in the electric heating sector. In the graph below you can see the progression of the ambient temperature in a typical room controlled by a traditional system; red line, overlaid with the control of the Optimizer Energy Plus system; green line. The Optimizer Energy Plus generates a temperature oscillation that is smaller than the conventional systems due to pulsing control resulting in ambient temperature variations of only 0.25°C compared with 2°C of many other traditional systems..

In the graph below you can see the evolution of the ambient temperature in a room controlled by a traditional system (red line) and controlled by the Optimizer Energy Plus (green line).


The Optimizer Energy Plus generates a temperature oscillation that is smaller than the traditional system due to regulating multiple starts and stops. Applying the Optimizer Energy Plus gives an ambient temperature variation of ±0.25°C compared with ±2°C of many other traditional systems.