Commercial systems

Why Solar PV?

With the ever-increasing rise of energy costs, businesses are determined to make savings by turning to renewable energy, most notably Solar Energy.
Embracing renewable energy technology makes a lot of sense for the public sector as it is in line with Government sustainability goals and provides a financially viable means of achieving carbon savings whilst offering income potential. As a statement of social responsibility, it helps promote a green image, developes awareness of climate change and sets a clear example to the wider community.

Solar Benefits


Public sector buildings are eligible for the feed-in tariff which provides added impetus to the installation of PVs as it will pay for the electricity generated and exported by the system. The credit given for the electricity is guaranteed at the same rate for 25 years and will go to the landlord, if installed on flats, schools or similar buildings, so provides savings and income potential of the system lifetime.
Drawing upon the knowledge of its staff in all areas of Solar PV Development, ORBS Energy provides a quality service in working with commercial properties to help reduce energy costs and meet corporate responsibilities by inviting businesses to join its Carbon Free Energy Programme.
The PV panels are installed on the roof or can be integrated into the building exterior so do not take up valuable internal space. In addition, they provide a low maintenance means of producing energy with a 25-year warranty on the modules and a 40+ year life expectancy.

Creating electricity on-site using a Photovoltaic System will protect your business against rising energy costs and is one of the most reliable and cost effective ways to reduce C0² emissions on existing and new buildings.